Raw Oyster–associated Vibrio vulnificus Illnesses and Deaths

Raw Oyster–associated Vibrio vulnificus Illnesses and Deaths

For people with liver disease (HBV and HCV) infection of vibrio vulnificus (vibrio) can lead to serious health consequences and potentially death. A 2003 California law that banned the use of oysters harvested between April 1 and October 31 from the Gulf of Mexico is credited with reducing the number of vibro infections to zero.

Vibrio is present in warm brackish waters although there have been reports of cases of vibrio vulnificus infections reported from shellfish consumed from waters off the coast of Oregon and the North Sea (Europe). 

Vibrio can be transmitted to humans from consuming vibrio infected shellfish that is raw, or from undercooked shellfish, and swallowing water infected with vibrio. The most serious cases are caused by vibrio entering the body from open cuts or wounds. Although it is recommended that people avoid raw or undercook oysters especially from the Gulf, it should be noted that raw or undercooked oysters from other waters also pose a risk. –AF

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