CDC: Flu widespread in 10 states, H1N1 dominates again

—Alan Franciscus, Editor-in-Chief

H1N1 is a flu that is quickly spreading throughout the United States.  H1N1 is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening flu and unlike the regular flu it can affect people of any age.  The flu vaccine is recommend for anyone over 6 months old and for people with health conditions such as diabetes, and chronic hepatitis B or C.  In 2009, H1N1 caused 12,000 deaths in the United States.  It's not too late to get the flu vaccine, but remember that it can take a couple of weeks before the vaccine provides protection.

Check out our fact sheet on influenza written by Lucinda Porter, RN to learn about the symptoms and ways to prevent the flu.  -AF  


The new flu season is ramping up across the U.S. with growing reports of illness. For the first time since the 2009 influenza pandemic, H1N1 is the dominant circulating flu strain early in the season, according to Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC says flu activity is increasing nationwide and is already high in six states: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma and Missouri.

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